Barrington Gully Track - Richmond

Posted by Paul Jennings on November 22, 2016 at 11:07:29 AM

Tasman District Council has arranged for a digger to flatten out and dismantle the track through the poplars running down into Barrington Place.

The Council wants to send a strong message to those building in this area that it’s not acceptable. Another sign will be going up after the last one was removed. They will be quite prepared to do this again if riders continue to ride down here. This gully is very unstable and the houses at the bottom have been subject to EQC claims in the past. Also riders who ride out via Barrington Place are riding over private property.

Please follow the rules, and if you want to help create awesome trails in the Richmond Hills area speak to Mike Brien who is NMTBC's rep for Richmond. He can tell you where you can dig and the correct process for proposing new trails.