Post cyclone trail update

Posted by Paul Jennings on February 21, 2018 at 12:51:36 PM

Well - we got off lightly there! Other than a very big dump of rain and some gusty winds Nelson faired well during the storm, so our trails have been mostly spared.

1: All trails on NCC land are open (except all of Firball and P51). But, they are super wet so please either give them a day to dry out or go ride some of the older/rock based ones.

2: Tasman Pine Forests land is still shut until 5pm today. After that the same goes - stick to rocky trails like Supplejack and Rimu please for a day or so.

3: Wairoa Gorge Bike Park is open and has a capacity weekend of bookings lined up. Places for March are limited so get in quick - those trails are superb during wet/inclement weather.

We have not had time to audit all trails yet so there is a high chance some trees will be down - if you see small stuff like branches and rocks just kick them off the trail. Big stuff take a photo and log it on Trailforks like this

Thanks for your patience and support.