Trail closure update

Posted by Paul Jennings on August 19, 2016 at 1:34:42 PM

Trail update - where are you riding this weekend?

There are a few trails closed this weekend due to the Hancock harvesting operation:
The top of Sharlands (Wiggles, Waggles) is closed. You can still get up to Bob's Fern Road to access Rimu/Suppejack, but no higher. Access to Waterloo and trails below that is fine.
The top of Maitai Face is closed - but you can still access Lower Face and Loam Ranger.
Everything else is open - so plenty to go play on (and the weather is looking great). Please respect the closures and enable the forestry guys to work in a safe environment (for your and their safety).
100% of Sharlands is closed during the week - Monday-Friday 24hrs.
For accurate up-to-date information regarding NMTBC managed trails keep an eye on our Facebook page and this website.